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Retgrographs is an online art store with two distinct audiences. The challenge was to provide a seamless experience for retail and commercial customers. The retail store is hosted on Fine Art America. A portal site was created to focus on commercial accounts with an integrated retail shopping cart.


Engenuity was retained to create an online home for the newly-formed DC region of America's British Reliability Run. To minimize the hassle of scrolling, we used a number of compact galleries including the 2017 Teams. Over $56,000 was raised for charity during the inaugural run!


Our latest build features the concours winning work of master trimmer Mike Lemire. We created a new logo using distressed type and a clean modern layout. Mike works on a wide range of collector vehicles including custom cars. All from his modest digs in Richmond VT.



Frustrated with a lack of affordable and manageable dealer templates, we created Olympian Cars right down to the logo. An online store enables users to sort and filter vehicles of choice. This template is an affordable way to market and sell.


A comprehensive gallery of Pamela Ellis Hawkes' remarkable Photogram and other cameraless images brings the artist's work to digital life. The project required a new logo, informational videos and rotating image galleries for eight portfolios totaling over 100 images. 


America's British Reliability Run is expanding to accommodate a number of new regions. This site serves the New England chapter.

Every effort was made to distinguish it from the DC build while maintaining a cohesive DNA. We can create a fabulous online presence for any tour or rally!


Studio Lucine is a great example where less is more.

Engenuity was retained by a Toronto artist to showcase her photography, arrange online bookings and create a new logo. The client is able to add, delete and revise content without fuss.


The goal was to provide a central landing page for the individual's varied business interests, a bio and an easy-to-use contact form. This basic layout can be applied to a wide range of a client's business or personal interests. May we create one for you?

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