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A well-developed online program can attract and retain customers, increase sales and grow your business. But most websites lack the excellence of the companies and people behind them. Fewer still use social media and branded email campaigns to maximum effect.

Whether overhauling an existing online channel or launching a first, create the best by taking advantage of my 30+year career in technology, publishing and web development since the dawn of the Internet. With a broad range of expertise in the automotive industry, I have the experience and market savvy to precisely target your current and prospective customers with a range of cost-effective web solutions:

A website that reflects your passion, expectations and business goals. Whether it's just about you or an established business, count on a reliable and attractive online presence that gets the job done.

In just a few short years, Facebook has become the go-to destination for individuals and businesses boasting over 1.8 billion users. Automatically update your Facebook page with a few simple clicks.

A regularly managed email campaign keeps you in touch with customers and prospects. I can assist in the creation of an email newsletter that brings those eyeballs back for more.

Blogging is another key tool for engaging readers and customers. A seamlessly integrated blog allows readers to become part of your story—what better way to gain new customers!



An online store could mean new revenue opportunities. Whether you're selling pots and pans or million-dollar sports cars, e-commerce can turn browsers into buyers.


My goal is to make maintaining your online programs easy and simple. Even the most non-technical client can swap out photos and text, update contact info and rearrange sections without excessive costs and frustrating delays.

Additional information about my website development services can be viewed at ENGENUITY.

Please contact me to learn how I can serve your web-based needs!

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