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Thank you for checking out my webpage! I would like to share with you a few key aspects of my background, experience and skills. 

My professional career kicked off in the computer industry with stints at IDC and DEC, followed by the launch of Hyatt Research Corp. a technology publishing firm. The early 1980s was a heady time when IBM ruled, Apple and Microsoft were specs on the horizon and the Internet was a mere lab experiment. 


A passion for cars led me in a new direction with the launch of Mobilia Magazine, a monthly marketplace for automotive collectibles. Its companion website debuted in 1995 in the early land grab days of the internet. Each time you visit eBay Motors or any leading automotive e-commerce site, you are seeing the legacy of Mobilia in action.

  • First specialty automotive site launched 1995

  • First magazine site launched 1995

  • First automotive online auction site launched 1996

My fascination with automobiles also included restoration, and brokering vintage cars to a worldwide client base. Please visit Olympian Cars as surely there's a ride with your name on it!

As a first-generation techie, you may also have an interest in my web services aimed at individuals and small businesses. I can provide superior and affordable websites, Facebook pages, email campaigns and more. Check out Engenuity for more info.

Finally, please check out my e-commerce store at Retrographs. There you can shop among over 1,400 jaw-dropping images available as bold wall art, apparel... even phone cases!

Today I am pleased to offer my expertise to companies seeking a broad range of skills ranging from marketing, social media, and web and business development. 


Please contact me if your needs include a seasoned pro with key skills adaptable to almost any industry.


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